"We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media; the question is how WELL we do it." - Erik Qualman

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. In today’s fast paced times, where information travels faster than the speed of light, social media is an inextricable aspect of one’s personal and professional lives. It is a space where we connect with people we know and don’t know, share our opinions, views and facets of life, and also transfer information from one party to another.

Social Surfing Workshop

With more and more people becoming a part of social media, and using it on a daily basis, it becomes very relevant for platforms to engage in conversation regarding community standards on social media. What are community standards, you may ask. Simply put, community standards are the rules and regulations which govern one’s conduct on social media. While freedom of expression is one the key aspects of social media interaction, living in a society and engaging with different kinds of people on various issues, becomes reason to define certain acceptable codes of conduct on social media.

Many of the problems of the real world, have found their place online, such as abuse, bullying, child sexual abuse, impersonation, cheating and fraud, among others. To curb these, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable online experiences for all kinds of people, it is necessary to formulate and implement community standards.

Having worked in the area of online safety, counterspeech and cybercrime by way of our #SocialSurfing project with Facebook, we have first hand experience on the need for users to be made more aware of community standards across platforms.

Twitter is a platform which is often the battleground for many organizations and individuals, who engage in conversation regarding relevant issues. Sometimes these are healthy conversations, and sometimes, the issue of trolling and abusive behavior comes to the forefront. Twitter has very strict rules regarding all this, and you can access them here: www.twitter.com

To begin a user oriented discussion on community standards, we will be hosting our first Tweetchat in collaboration with Twitter India, on the issue of Community Standards entitled "How can community standards be used more effectively?". We will be sharing five questions every 5 minutes from our Twitter handle (@CSR_India) and panelists will be replying their responses, using the hashtag #TweeSurfing.

Do join us today at 3 pm IST, and engage in a fun and engaging discussion on the relevant issue of community standards!
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