The 140 character wonderland just introduced a new feature. So basically it's taking muting (yup that awesome feature used by many of us to tackle trolls without feeding their ego) to the next level. Quoting from the source itself.

"The option to mute notifications for Tweets you are mentioned in that contain particular words, phrases, usernames, emojis or hashtags. Muting will remove these Tweets from your Notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, and email notifications."

It certainly is a positive move, though it will not end cyber abuse, it is a positive step towards curbing it. I do believe it will change our Tweeperience for good. How we can set it up is explained in the pic below.

For fellow android users

Social Surfing Workshop

For the rich iPhone peeps

Social Surfing Workshop

For those using twitter on their pc's/laptops, seriously peeps its phone app, use it on your phone!

Social Surfing Workshop

For details please visit

Having shared the options I do feel we need to realize that Twitter is just a platform, it’s us who are responsible for the conversation. Though structural changes and tools can change a lot in the conversation online, we would need to take a step forward to ensure our cyber spaces are sensitive and safe for all.

Through our projects #TweeSurfing and #Socialsurfing we attempt to do exactly that. Doing workshops on #OnlineSafety #CounterSpeech #SocialMedia for #SocialChange, it is our attempt to ensure that the cyber space is inclusive for all.
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