Online Safety Guide for Parents

Cyber space is a play ground for children today. It's not a matter of choice, but the reality of times. As a parent one needs to be a guide in this arena like many others of tour child's life. Though It can be difficult as many of us are migrants to the digital world and honestly to not understand the technology.

Well though that might be a good narrative for most situations, when it comes to your child we would humbly suggest you spend that extra few minutes every day reading up on #OnlineSafety. And the best part is, its not so different from any other aspect of your parenting life, like a playground, or television, or learning to use the spoon.

We have gathered a few resources from across the web, and developed a few of our own to help you out in this space. The key of course remains to 'Have a conversation'. The amazing and wonderful part about the world today is that we have Google, anything you don’t understand, just Google it, specially incase of technology, you are bound to find an answer, plus online communities on Facebook, can also be a good guide as parents share their tips and tricks.

Social Surfing Workshops

Martin Luther Christian University

Our crazy crew is in Shillong, Meghalaya and it really is the Scotland of the East! Braving torrential rain and landslides, the Social Surfing team conducted 3 workshops in Martin Luther Christian University in the Departments of Fine Arts, Management Sciences, and Computer Sciences.

Martin Luther Christian University

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

NIT, Rourkela is ranked 12 in the list of Indian Engineering Universities. Its foundation stone was laid by the first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

National Institute of Technology - Rourkela, Odisha

Fakir Mohan University

Balasore/Baleshwar is around 194 Km’s from the capital of Bhubaneshwar and the drive was absolutely beautiful. Not all that different from Vietnam or Laos, social media could play a great role in promoting tourism for this part of the country.

Fakir Mohan University - Balasore, Odisha

John Mathai Centre - Thrissur, Kerala

Right at the epicentre of Thrissur is Vadakkumnathan temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. We were to visit the University of Calicut for our first set of workshops in Kerala.

John Mathai Centre - Thrissur, Kerala

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