In today’s day and age, it is rare for a person to be unaware of social media. Defined as computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks, social media has invaded our lives in all ways. Some of the more popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and WhatsApp.

Our project #SocialSurfing consisted of a series of workshops across India, intending to initiate the dialogue on how the user can have a positive online experience by maximizing the use of social media platforms. #SocialSurfing intended to engage with a diverse group of internet users and build their capacities for a positive and gender sensitive online experience. With these workshops, we also aimed at initiating a dialogue on Counter speech, for the very first time in India. While discussing it with an Indian context, we encouraged the students to come up with their own campaigns that they can run on their social media network. The project was a huge success and we are gearing up for #SocialSurfing 2.0, with even greater vigour and enthusiasm.

In the course of this project, we realized that there are several gaps in the academic literature pertaining to social media, as a field of study. Academic literature and research is of extreme importance in the understanding of a discipline, and for its advancement.

Thus, we decided to invite academic pieces from across the country, in an attempt to begin an academic journey on the topic of social media, and its implications on society, particularly on issues related to gender. This journal is the first of its kind academic journal on social media in India and we are very happy to say that we have received some very well research papers. We believe that it definitely serves as a precursor to a strong literature base on social media, especially in the Indian context.

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